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Martin Sparkes and Associates
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D.O. Established 1985

Royal Crescent BathPulteney Street Bath


“I have great pleasure in heartily recommending Martin Sparkes. For over a decade now he has kept me moving, not only when I’ve had specific problems, but also warding off imminent problems arising by giving me the Osteopathic version of a car’s MOT. He is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There are no endless protracted treatments, and he has always sorted all ailments in one session, or at the most two. He has treated me for Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back, Sacro Illiac, Pelvis, Legs. Basically all over. All treatments have been totally successful. He is extremely personable, and I have absolute faith in his skills.”

Clive Mantle, Actor

Mark Foster“I saw Martin regularly whilst in my training and competitive career while based in Bath... Any athlete knows their body is their tool and Martin helped keep me in top condition and put me back together when I did get injured. I recommend Martin to friends, elite athletes and know whoever you are, whatever your back problem might be, he will look after you.”

Mark Foster, Olympic and 6 time World Champion Swimmer

“I have been a patient of Martin's for years. I visit him whenever I am in Bath, with a play. I saw him most when I was in Cinderella at the Theatre Royal. I had a back injury, from flying and a wand injury to my right arm. Martin put me right. He may look as though he could twist your head off with those big muscles, but he is gentle. I was flying and casting spells with ease.”

Liza Goddard, Actress

“Having seen Martin for a number of years I can honestly say treatment with him delivers results. Many a time I have hobbled my way into the treatment room and emerged 20 minutes later ready to play a game of rugby. Whilst being treated by Martin I have always been hugely impressed with his very calm manner, allowing me to relax and get the best from the session.”

Stuart Hooper, Captain, Bath Rugby

“Having known Martin for almost 20 years at both personal and professional level - could not endorse him more highly. His professional yet empathetic nature makes him one of the best in the business. He helped me massively control my back problems and provided ways forward to self manage on an ongoing basis. He is a top man and his longevity as a practioner in Bath set him apart and would happily recommend him to anyone.”

Matt Perry, former Bath, England and British Lions full-back

“Martin has been absolutely brilliant at treating my back problems. Without him, my life would involve a lot more pain, a lot more effort and a lot less productivity.

Adrian Tinniswood OBE, Author and Historian

“I have been a patient of Martin for many years, having been recommended to him by my GP. I had been suffering from chronic sciatica which would not shift. After 2/3 treatments from Martin the condition disappeared completely. Since then I have continued to receive treatment from Martin for other general back/spinal problems which has kept me mobile and helped me keep on top of my original low back pain. I feel completely relaxed and calm whilst being treated by Martin in whom I have great trust and faith. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.”

Hilary Jones

“Over the last few years Martin not only helped me recover from a back injury but has also made sure that I do not get to the point where repeating it becomes likely – and a bonus is that every treatment leaves my back feeling great even though day-to-day life pulls it from pillar to post.  He has also introduced my wife and kids to osteopaths and homeopaths within the clinic that specialise in their specific needs.  All in all I am delighted to recommend him and his practice.”

Alex Solomon, Director of RightMove

“I would like to thank you for all you prompt attention since 1997 – I can't believe how long that has been. Since having been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine and having lost 3 lower discs, between us, I am happy to say I can do whatever I want to do, and most important, thanks to you I have not deteriorated at all having been told it would. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of regular osteopathy. ”

Norma Gordon-Farleigh, Bath

“I have been a client of Martin’s for over 15 years. His expertise allowed me to recover fully and within a reasonable period from a terribly painful back brought on initially as a result of a car accident. Since then I have experienced other problems with my back periodically and I dont hesitate to contact Martin for help. On occasion the pain has been awful and required immediate attention and Martin has always been willing to accommadate an appointment at short notice. Martin recommended that I have quarterly follow up appointments to keep my back supple which was an excellent idea as I have had no further problems with my back. I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin for his expertise and excellent client care.”

Tracey Smith, Solicitor

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